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Deck Inspection

Deck Inspection

Our Deck Inspection evaluates your deck according to expert construction guidelines, often more detailed than your local authority’s codes.

Does My Home Inspection Include a Deck Inspection?

Yes and no. As part of your home inspection our inspectors will evaluate the overall condition of your deck and advise if the deck is safe or in need of repairs.

Nuts-and-Bolts Detail

Our Deck Inspection is more detailed and includes an in-depth evaluation of the conditions and codes of your deck. We utilize the American Wood Council’s “Guide For Code Acceptance” or DCA 6, a “best practices” standard that often exceeds local code requirements that were in place when a deck was constructed. Therefore, even a new deck that was “passed” by the local authorities may be noted for corrections in our Deck Inspection.

What’s Included

Our Deck inspection gives you a comprehensive understanding of the condition of a deck across important categories, including information and guidelines regarding joists, posts, footings, and beams.  If we identify issues, we provide you with specific recommendations and next steps.

Our Home Inspection empowers you to know your home’s condition and gives you exactly what you need to address potential concerns.
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