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Infrared Inspection

Our Infrared Inspection deploys high-quality digital infrared cameras to identify water leaks, electrical problems and energy loss issues.

To See is to Believe

The human eye can’t measure temperature differences. In some situations, our eyes just aren’t good enough for a visual inspection.

Infrared helps inspectors to identify water-related issues (plumbing leaks, roof leaks, exterior water intrusion), electrical issues (overloaded circuits), and energy loss issues (insulation).

With infrared, we discover “hidden” problems on about 10% of all of our home inspections.

We’re Infrared Specialists

It’s very difficult for untrained Infrared users to develop accurate conclusions. That’s why all of our inspectors complete rigorous classroom and field training to become Certified Real Estate Thermographers and we outfit our teams with FLIR cameras – the world leader in thermal imaging cameras.

What’s Included
  • We use infrared cameras to inspect the interior of the home
  • We scan for temperature differentials, which can reveal water intrusion, electrical issues and/or poor insulation
  • For water-related issues, we confirm moisture with high-quality moisture meters.

If we identify issues, we provide you with specific recommendations and next steps.

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