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New Home Pre-Concealment Inspection

New Home Pre-Drywall Inspection

Our Pre-Concealment Inspection evaluates the condition of your new home’s major systems – plumbing, HVAC, electrical, structural – prior to concealment.

The Shape of Things to Come

We conduct Pre-Concealment Inspections just prior to sheetrock installation. Typical issues include cracked and/or warped framing, damaged/crimped ductwork, improper notching of floor joists, and inadequate fire stop material between floors. These types of issues must be identified prior to installation of drywall; after drywall is added, the issues would be difficult to identity and very expensive to repair.

Our New Home Pre-Concealment Inspection is the second of our new home phase inspections, which occur at predetermined times in the construction process; other phase inspections include our Foundation Inspection and Walkthrough Inspection.

What’s Included

Our New Home Pre-Concealment Inspection includes inspection of the mechanical and electrical rough-ins, including HVAC equipment, structure/framing, and electrical wiring. Our report includes high-resolution digital photos which are useful for reference long after framing has been obscured.

If we identify issues, we provide specific recommendations and next steps.