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Our Home Inspectors

We recruit, hire and train the best home inspectors in the industry.

Our home inspectors are employees, not contractors or franchise operators. We hire employees because we want to ensure a consistent, high quality customer journey, inspection experience, and report.

We hire and train inspectors to deliver the highest quality home inspection according to our shared values and service commitment:

  • Inspect — Engage with care and technical skill
  • Educate — Help customers learn about the home
  • Inform — Deliver report with relevant comments and high-resolution photos
  • Communicate — Provide information that is meaningful, useful, and clear

We train our inspectors to deliver a consistent approach to home inspections:

  • Greet! — Our inspector says “Hello!,” discusses objectives and planned approach, and asks if you have any special questions or requests
  • Scan — Our inspector conducts a quick circuit of the property, sizing up the scope of the inspection
  • Inspect — Our inspector carefully examines visible and accessible areas and systems
  • Report — Our inspector reviews issues, answers your questions, and sends our digital inspection report to you by email